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  • Published Jun 11, 2024

Enhance Team Dynamics with Happy's Microsoft Teams Integration

Experience the power of Happy’s newest feature - Microsoft Teams integration. Gain insights into your team for improved collaboration and understanding.

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Effective communication and seamless tool integration are crucial in a constantly evolving business landscape. At Happy, we aim to enhance your experience and boost productivity and engagement within your team. We're excited to unveil our newest feature: Microsoft Teams Integration. This update embeds Happy's robust coaching tools into Microsoft Teams, ensuring that vital, personalized insights and strategies are part of your daily workflow.

Woman sitting at desk working on her laptop. Image of Happy Coach text box is next to the image to demonstrate how coaching surfaces in app integrations. Logos for Gmail, MS Teams and Slack communicate what app integrations Happy offers.

Why Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is widely adopted for communication in businesses globally, offering comprehensive features for chats, meetings, and collaboration. Integrating Happy into Microsoft Teams brings personalized coaching and actionable insights into your daily interactions.

New Capabilities at Your Fingertips

  • Daily Personalized Coaching: Each morning, receive a tailored Daily Coach in your Microsoft Teams chat. This could range from advice on managing priorities to strategies for improving team communication.
  • Direct Profile Access: Click on a colleague's name in a coaching message about them to view their complete Happy profile. This direct link simplifies how easily you can better understand and collaborate with your team.
  • Real-Time Coaching During Video Chats: Enhance your video meetings with on-the-spot coaching. As you interact with colleagues via video, Happy provides real-time insights and communication do’s and don’ts based on each participant's workstyle. This feature ensures that every interaction is optimized for better understanding and collaboration.
Screenshot of the MS Team interface showing how Happy provides coaching during video chat.
  • Expand Your Knowledge Instantly: Want more from your daily coaching? The "Learn More" button expands the Daily Coach within Teams to give you additional highlights, and the "Read Detailed Coach" link directs you to a detailed article in the Happy Platform, enriching your learning experience.
  • Simplify Your Coaching Circles: Easily add team members to your Coaching Circle to start receiving regular insights, fostering deeper connections and understanding within your team.

Integration Benefits

This integration targets critical challenges in the workplace by:

  • Ensuring Ready Access: Delivering personalized coaching in your daily tools makes these insights accessible and timely, increasing their effectiveness.
  • Simplifying Processes: Get coaching right in the tools you use every day, making it easier to integrate and access. This setup keeps your workflow smooth and makes diving deeper into the Happy platform more straightforward.
  • Boosting Engagement: Regular, relevant coaching tips focus on professional development, helping you and your team stay motivated and informed.
Screenshot example of Happy Coach in the MS Teams chat interface.

Flexible Integration Options

Don't use Microsoft Teams? No worries—Happy already integrates seamlessly with Slack and sends daily coaching directly to your email. With our expanded integration set, you're guaranteed to never miss out on valuable coaching, regardless of your preferred platform.

Getting Started Is Easy

Activating Happy's Microsoft Teams integration is straightforward:

  1. Admin Setup: Your workspace admin can add Happy to your Microsoft Teams workspace by clicking the "Add to Teams" button in the workspace settings. This one-step link ensures that everyone in your workspace is set up and ready to go.
  2. Customize Your Settings: Choose how often you receive insights to best fit your schedule and preferences.
  3. Start Engaging: Begin experiencing personalized growth directly within your Microsoft Teams environment, integrated seamlessly into your daily workflow.

Elevate Every Interaction

Understanding and enhancing team dynamics is key to building productive, resilient workplaces. Integrating with Microsoft Teams isn't just about adding a feature—it's about fulfilling our commitment to transform how your team communicates and collaborates.

Explore this new feature and see how it can reshape your team's interaction dynamics. With Happy integrated into Microsoft Teams, every chat becomes a chance to advance and succeed together.

Step Into a Smarter Workday

Ready to boost your team's performance with actionable insights integrated into your daily routine?

A diverse group of professionals standing in a modern office setting.

Activate Happy's Microsoft Teams integration now and turn every interaction into an opportunity for growth and success. Let's unlock every team member's potential and create a more connected and vibrant workplace.

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