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Happy's Integrations provides insights & coaching Using the tools your people use everyday like Microsoft Teams and Slack.


Happy's plug-and-play integrations meet your people where they work, ensuring seamless functionality and ease of use.

Happy delivers coaching through your team's favorite apps, offering limitless potential by integrating with the tools they use every day, such as Slack, Gmail, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. This means your team can receive coaching on various aspects, including their manager, coworkers, or even themselves, accompanied by helpful self-improvement tips, all within the apps they are already familiar with.

In less than 10 minutes, Happy can be up and running in Slack or Teams, making the onboarding process swift and efficient.

Your people don't want another tool to log in to, and they certainly don't have time to learn a complicated interface. Happy was designed to be lightweight and easy to use, naturally delivering incredibly helpful advice and guidance in mere minutes. This design ensures that users can seamlessly integrate coaching into their daily routines without any disruption, allowing them to focus on their core tasks while benefiting from continuous personal and professional development.

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Take Happy Assessment

Happy's science-powered assessment helps your people, managers, and leaders better understand each other, giving your team personalized insights & understanding

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Discover the team's Workstyles

Happy Workstyles unlock powerful insights on how to communicate and collaborate with every person more effectively – driving better work with less conflict

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Happy Coach
Activate Happy Coach

Happy Coach offers AI-enhanced, personalized coaching. Coach uses smart algorithms to deliver insights automatically on people who most frequently interact at work.

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