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At Happy, we're pioneering the future of workplace relationships with the innovative Happy Assessment

Happy is designed to improve organizational culture, communication, and manager effectiveness across diverse work environments, whether they be on-site, remote, or hybrid. By combining the proven principles of behavioral science with advanced AI, the Happy Assessment offers a unique blend of linguistic adaptability and scientific accuracy, making it a great platform for modern organizations. The Happy Assessment transforms workplace behavior analysis by improving the DISC model. It categorizes Workstyles into four core and four blended workstyles, enhancing team dynamics and individual understanding.

The tool's robust scientific foundation ensures reliable and applicable insights across various sectors, while its focus on linguistic diversity respects individual expression, fostering a more inclusive workplace. This approach, validated by comprehensive research, makes the Happy Assessment a versatile and insightful platform to improve communication, leadership, and facilitate personal growth.

Happy science: sound methodology and linguistic diversity

The science behind Happy Assessment blends extensive social science research and innovative measurement methods to tackle workplace challenges and boost productivity. This approach ensures that the behavioral and trait measurements are accurate, relevant, and valid.

This is achieved through:

  • 1.

    Theory-driven constructs

    We focus on critical workplace attributes, grounded in established theories, ensuring each construct is thoroughly analyzed and clearly defined

  • 2.

    Inclusive sampling

    Our diverse sample set guarantees applicability across all sectors, employing rigorous scientific methodologies

  • 3.

    Advanced psychometric models

    We utilize cutting-edge psychometric theories, including machine learning algorithms, for accurate and reliable measurements that also support linguistic nuances


Happy Assessment is proven to be effective across different workplace environments

Because Happy Assessment is grounded in well-researched psychological principles, it is universally applicable.

Happy Assessment places a strong emphasis on the linguistic agency of the respondent, acknowledging that language profoundly affects self-expression and understanding

It was intentionally developed in a way that would empower individuals to express themselves in their own words, valuing the diversity of thought and communication styles in a dynamic workforce.

Such linguistic flexibility enhances the authenticity and precision of responses, providing deeper insights into individual strengths, preferences, and development areas. By allowing people to have the space within the platform to define themselves, Happy Assessment fosters a more inclusive and understanding workplace, where every voice is heard, respected, and valued. This commitment to linguistic inclusivity not only enriches the assessment experience but also strengthens the overall organizational understanding and cohesion.

Happy’s advantage:

Bridging DISC and diverse Workstyles

Happy Assessment harnesses the power of the DISC model, reimagined for today's workplace

DISC is a simple way to understand four major dimensions of behavior:


Individuals with a high D style tend to be direct, results-oriented, firm, strong-willed, and forceful


People with a high I style are usually described as being outgoing, optimistic, lively, enthusiastic, and communicative


Individuals who exhibit a high S style are often seen as calm, patient, predictable, deliberate, stable, and consistent


Those with a high C style are often analytical, reserved, precise, private, systematic, and careful

The DISC model is great at helping teams improve how they work with each other and is widely used in businesses across the world to enhance team cohesion, leadership development, and personal growth

Happy includes the four primary Workstyles and expands to include four additional blended Workstyles, recognizing the unique combination of traits in each individual

This ensures deeper and more actionable insights into team dynamics and individual behaviors

Happy Assessment’s - 4 core Workstyles reimagined




Drivers are energetic, assertive, and results-focused. They think strategically, tackle challenges directly, and motivate their teams to achieve ambitious goals. They thrive in competitive environments and are natural leaders, adept at overcoming obstacles.



Influencers are charismatic team motivators. Skilled in communication, they excel in roles requiring networking and public speaking. Adaptable and persuasive, they're key in resolving conflicts and fostering team unity.



Stabilizers are the team's reliable backbone, bringing consistency and calm. Their methodical work approach is perfect for tasks needing precision. As team players, they contribute to a supportive and harmonious work environment.



Calculators are analytical thinkers, handling tasks with thoroughness and accuracy. They excel in roles requiring critical thinking and detailed analysis. Their systematic approach is vital in managing complex projects and strategic planning.

Happy Assessment’s - 4 blended Workstyles




Catalysts merge the Drivers' assertiveness with Influencers' sociability. They're visionary, innovative, and excel in roles that require leading change and inspiring teams.



Relaters combine Influencers' people skills with Stabilizers' supportive nature. They excel in roles that involve interpersonal interaction and team harmony, acting as the uniting force in a team.



Coordinators blend Stabilizers' steadiness with Calculators' detail-orientation. They're key in planning and executing projects precisely, ensuring smooth operations.



Strategists combine Calculators' analytical skills with Drivers' goal-focused approach. They excel in long-term planning and navigating complex situations, guiding teams towards success with their strategic thinking.

These Workstyles give organizations and individuals a fresh, modern approach to understanding different approaches to work. It’s easy to remember, recall, and frame up.

Happy uses the behavioral science of Happy Assessment and AI to provide personalized, continuous coaching to your people – building a user-manual for every member of the team.

This is how Happy‘s People Technology Platform transforms how teams connect, collaborate, and thrive – empowering people to work better, together.


Happy Assessment brings behavioral science and AI to the Workplace

By reimagining DISC for contemporary needs, it offers a nuanced understanding of workstyles, promoting better team dynamics and individual growth. Its universal application and unique blend of science and inclusivity makes the Happy Assessment a crucial tool for modern organizations, building a more connected, efficient, and thriving workplace.

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