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  • Published Apr 19, 2024

Enhance Team Potential with Happy's New Coaching Circles

Discover how Happy's Coaching Circle can help build better communication and teamwork for more effective collaboration.

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At Happy, we're always looking for innovative ways to enhance your experience and effectiveness at work. We're excited to unlock a new feature that does just that: Coaching Circle. This new tool is designed to make it simpler and more intuitive than ever to access personalized coaching for the people you interact with most, ensuring every team is optimally aligned.

Daily Coach & Coaching Suggestions

To fully appreciate how Coaching Circle enhance your experience, it's important to understand the workings of Daily Coach—the heart of Happy Coach.

Daily Coach delivers concise, actionable coaching insights directly into your daily workflow. Whether through the Happy app, email, or integrated tools like Slack, Daily Coach ensures valuable advice on your interactions with colleagues is always at your fingertips. Each insight is designed to be easily digestible and immediately useful.

Image of daily coaching on the homepage of the Happy Platform where a user can easily add someone to their coaching circle with the click of a button

For those looking to explore a topic more deeply, each daily coach is linked to a comprehensive article that delves further into the nuances of effective workplace relationships and team dynamics.

Happy has already optimized the experience of Daily Coach through Coach Suggestions. With Coach Suggestions, Happy Coach uses intelligent algorithms to deliver coaching and tips on the coworkers and people you work with the most.

As you navigate through your Happy Workspace—whether by viewing profiles, exploring workstyles, or accessing coaching insights—Happy recognizes the patterns of your interactions. This sophisticated understanding allows Happy Coach to automatically adjust and deliver more frequent and targeted Daily Coach to you on the individuals you connect with most.

This seamless integration means you receive personalized guidance effortlessly, enhancing your ability to communicate and collaborate effectively. With Coach Suggestions, you're equipped with the tools to build stronger relationships and achieve greater synergy within your team.

Coach Suggestions are on by default, but users can manage them through their user settings.

+Coaching and your Coaching Circle

With the addition of the Coaching Circle, Happy is taking the Daily Coach experience to the next level, empowering users to select the team members they most want to receive coaching on.

Coaching Circle allows you to create a custom group of colleagues—from peers to supervisors—with whom you frequently collaborate or wish to build stronger relationships. Happy Coach will then start to deliver more Daily Coach to you on the people in your Coaching Circle. Creating a Coaching Circle will enhance the coaching experience by prioritizing more frequent and targeted insights for members of your Circle.

It isn't meant to replace Coach Suggestions, and you will continue to receive valuable coaching on others outside your Circle. Combining Coach Suggestions and Coaching Circle will help ensure you are seeing the most relevant insights for your whole team.

To receive more Daily Coach on a coworker, simply click the +Coaching button on their profile or within the People Directory. You can view your Coaching Circle by visiting the People Directory and using the filters.

View of the Happy People Directory, showing how someone can filter their view to see their Coaching Circle more easily.

Real-World Applications of Coaching Circle

Coaching Circle harnesses the power of Happy Coach, developed with cutting-edge behavioral science and expert leadership coaches' input to deliver nuanced advice relevant to each circle member's specific dynamics.

image showing daily coach received through email on a team member that is a part of the users coaching circle

Here's how it enhances your daily work life:

  • Frequent, Focused Insights: By telling Happy Coach who to add to your Coaching Circle, you increase the frequency of the coaching moments you receive about these individuals.
  • Actionable Advice: Daily Coach insights are designed to be immediately applicable. Whether it's advice on better communicating with a project leader or tips on aligning with a department head's expectations, each piece is meant to be actionable and impactful.
  • Build Better Relationships: With enhanced understanding comes improved relationships. Coaching Circle helps you navigate the complexities of workplace dynamics, fostering stronger, more productive relationships with the people you work closely with.

Imagine you're starting a new project with several departments involved. By adding key members from each department to your Coaching Circle, you can receive daily advice on effectively approaching each individual, acknowledging their communication style, and motivating them towards common goals.

Team of 5 work colleagues sitting and standing around a desk while collaborating on a project.

Or perhaps you're a new manager who wants to quickly establish rapport and effective communication lines with your team. Adding your direct reports to your Coaching Circle lets you gain insights into their preferences, working styles, and expectations, which can help tailor your management approach for better outcomes.

Get Started Today

Getting started with Coaching Circle is easy. Simply log in to your Happy Workspace, visit the People Directory, and add colleagues to your Circle with one click. You'll see the effects immediately, with targeted advice appearing directly on your homepage, in Daily Coach emails, and through integrations like our Daily Coach in Slack.

An image of daily coach sent through slack for someone in the users coaching circle

At Happy, we're committed to providing tools that not only enhance organizational culture and communication but also empower every individual within the organization. With Coaching Circle, we're excited to offer a feature that will help turn every interaction within your team into an opportunity for growth and improved performance.

Join us on this journey and make the most of your workday with Happy's Coaching Circle.

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