Small & Medium Business

Small & Medium Business

Scalable workplace culture solutions tailored to the unique challenges of SMBs


Elevate Your SMB with a Thriving Workplace Culture

Creating a happy work environment for SMBs

Companies today are prioritizing positive company culture as a means to increase collaboration and boost retention. Small to medium-sized businesses are no different. Happy’s tools empower employees to have a better understanding of themselves and others, improving team dynamics and leading to higher employee satisfaction.

Strong relationships lead to increased productivity

Happy’s platform is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses because it doesn’t slow down productivity – it enhances it. Workplaces built on strong interpersonal relationships make quicker and better decisions. Innovation increases, and conflict is resolved effectively.

Happy provides tailored coaching tips to help employees understand the communication style of others on their team. This information is available on-demand and is integrated into popular tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, so you’re always ready for your next meeting, whether remote or on site.

Company culture’s deep impact on retention

Over 75% of Happy users continue using the platform after three months, making Happy an indispensable tool for workplace teams. Once your employees have experienced having an interpersonal cheat sheet at their fingertips, they’ll enjoy stronger relationships with coworkers that make them envision a future with you.

As a leader, my goal has always been to create environments where people can excel. Happy is a manifestation of that goal—built to help leaders create outstanding teams.

Positive relationships with coworkers are a powerful factor in increased employee retention.

Happy improves organizational performance at scale

Learn how Happy transforms people and teams

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Happy's science-powered assessment helps your people, managers, and leaders better understand each other, giving your team personalized insights & understanding

Discover the team's Workstyles

Happy Workstyles unlock powerful insights on how to communicate and collaborate with every person more effectively – driving better work with less conflict

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Happy Coach
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Happy Coach offers AI-enhanced, personalized coaching. Coach uses smart algorithms to deliver insights automatically on people who most frequently interact at work.


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