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Empowering Nonprofits Through Effective Team Cohesion

Strong team relationships boost nonprofits’ reach

Nonprofits are deeply committed to their causes, and it’s critical that every minute and every dollar is devoted to advancing the mission. Team cohesion is paramount to this goal. With Happy’s platform, your team can work more effectively to solve the critical issues in the world rather than being caught on the relational issues stemming from misunderstanding.

Coaching helps nonprofits with retention

Nonprofits attract employees with a strong sense of purpose, who do what they do for more than just a paycheck. But turnover in nonprofit organizations is higher than the national average—financial challenges, relational issues, and conflicts can get in the way of anyone’s job satisfaction.

Happy helps employees understand the people they’re working with in order to minimize conflict and increase productivity. When employees know others and feel known, they want to come to work every day. Your investment in the platform demonstrates your commitment to building a work environment everyone wants to be in and stay in.

Coaching prevents burnout for nonprofit employees

Coaching is a powerful tool to help organizations fight burnout. But financing coaching for even one leader can be difficult to fund. With Happy, your entire team receives the benefit of scalable coaching after a 10-minute assessment.

Investing in your team's development is crucial, but it shouldn't break the bank. Happy offers a cost-effective solution that cuts down on the expenses typically associated with traditional training and consulting, while delivering measurable improvements in team dynamics and leadership.

Happy Companies makes leadership coaching possible for nonprofit organizations.

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