Personalized coaching at scale for enterprise organizations


Making Employee Engagement Scale for Enterprise Organizations

How do you make coaching scalable?

Miscommunication is costly in enterprise organizations that are full of many moving parts. We often turn to mass training, seminars, and assessments to help with company culture and team cohesion, but those endeavors struggle to stick.

Coaching individual leaders often doesn’t have the trickle-down effect we hope for. So how can we scale coaching efforts organization-wide and give those efforts better staying power?

In only 10 minutes, your entire organization can be onboarded on the Happy platform. Our AI coach gets seamlessly integrated into the tools they use every day and provides them with an instant cheat sheet about their own communication style, their coworkers’ workstyles, and most importantly—how to navigate the combination of the two.

Coaching leads to increased employee retention

It can be easy to get lost in the shuffle, and employees are increasingly communicating how important it is to feel connected to culture. Gallup’s reports show that employees who strongly agree that they feel connected to their organization’s culture are 3.7 times more likely to be engaged at work and 55% less likely to be actively looking for another job.

Considering employee replacement can cost anywhere from one-half to two times an employee’s salary, creating an environment your people want to be in is a priority. Happy’s platform helps team members feel known, understood, and equipped to deal with any number of personalities and communication styles they may encounter.

Happy Companies creates smoother onboarding and more successful meetings

Smoothly integrating new employees into enterprise-level organizations can be quite a feat. Learning the ins and outs of everyone a new person will encounter can feel overwhelming. With Happy, they receive a personalized cheat sheet for every person in the organization on their first day. This lessens stress and better prepares new employees to know what to expect.

Before meetings, Happy users receive customized reminders like “Brandon is a Coordinator. Respect their methodological approach. Understand that Brandon may prefer a step-by-step methodology.” Users testify these messages enable them to adjust their mindset and feel equipped for effective communication. Relationally-oriented people are reminded that data-oriented people may have a different vision for a successful meeting and can adjust their approach to communication.

As CEO and co-founder of Happy, I've witnessed first-hand the transformation that our AI-enhanced coaching brings to organizations. By tapping into the latest behavioral science, we help managers and employees find common ground and build stronger relationships, fostering a collaborative environment that drives company performance.

There’s no question coaching transforms organizations, but the challenge comes with scale. With our AI-powered coaching platform, scaling is solvable.

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