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Coaching in the Workplace

There are two major problems with coaching in the workplace: how do we make it scale, and how do we make it stick? Happy’s platform solves both problems. While you’re coaching leaders on the executive level, Happy is providing interpersonal coaching at all levels of the organization.

Personality Assessments in the Workplace

Personality assessments provide incredible value in the workplace, but a leader or individual contributor understanding themselves is only half the battle. While it would be impossible to spend time coaching every individual relationship in the organization, the power of AI provides intelligent insights into every combination of individuals.

Happy doesn’t replace human coaching, it enhances and amplifies it. Our platform educates people on the communication styles, work styles, and personalities of their coworkers and is integrated into the tools they use every day, like Microsoft Teams and Slack. Happy’s prompts provide fuel and inspiration for coaching sessions.

A Competitive Advantage for Coaches

Happy’s platform is a competitive advantage for coaches. Bringing our tool to the table provides another dimension of customized, daily support and transformational longevity to your potential clients. Not to mention your new client onboarding process—after you see the insights we’ve collected on the entire company in just 10 minutes, you’ll be saved months of company intelligence gathering. Once Happy becomes your secret weapon, you’ll never want to be without it.

True leadership involves continuous learning and adapting. Happy facilitates this by integrating coaching directly into your daily workflows.

AI doesn’t replace human coaches—it empowers them to make a stronger, more lasting impact.

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