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Happy Profiles

Happy Profiles

Happy Profiles help create a user manual for your entire team at scale, from individual contributors to senior leaders.


Happy Profiles let your people tell their story at work.

Inside Happy, employees can look up any colleague's profile to learn about their work style, communication preferences, and tips for effective collaboration. This feature serves as an internal "About Us" page, similar to LinkedIn, but tailored for your workplace environment. With Happy Profiles, users can also personalize their profiles by adding what makes them happy or grumpy at work, giving others insights into their preferences and triggers.

In Profiles, employees can share, in their own words, their interests and activities beyond work, fostering a sense of connection within the team.

By utilizing Happy Profiles, organizations can enhance internal communication and teamwork. This feature empowers employees to build stronger professional relationships, understand their colleagues better, and create a more harmonious and productive work environment. Profiles not only improve day-to-day interactions but also contribute to long-term employee engagement and satisfaction. Ultimately, a more connected team drives overall organizational success.

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Happy's science-powered assessment helps your people, managers, and leaders better understand each other, giving your team personalized insights & understanding

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Happy Coach offers AI-enhanced, personalized coaching. Coach uses smart algorithms to deliver insights automatically on people who most frequently interact at work.

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