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  • Published Jun 07, 2024

Rahshea Cardiff Joins Happy as Vice President of Partnerships

Meet Rahshea Cardiff, Happy's new VP of Partnerships, and learn about how she will drive growth and build successful collaborations.

Happy Companies
Happy Companies

Happy Companies

Photo of Rahshea Cardiff

Happy is thrilled to announce that Rahshea Cardiff has joined the company as Vice President of Partnerships. With her dynamic leadership style and extensive experience in creating partnerships and building successful teams, Rahshea is set to play a pivotal role in shaping Happy.

Rahshea brings over two decades of leadership experience, including over 10 years tenure at Microsoft, where she excelled in managing revenue-driven teams. Her expertise spans multiple industries, including technology, big-box retail, specialty stores, and real estate. This diverse background equips Rahshea with a unique perspective and a wealth of knowledge that will greatly benefit Happy and our partners.

A key focus of Rahshea’s role will be spearheading Happy's partnership program. By working closely with these partners, Rahshea aims to enhance employee experience and connectivity across organizations, ultimately driving business growth and creating lasting value.

“We are so excited to have Rahshea join Happy,” said James Lawrence, Happy Cofounder & CEO. “Her proven success in building relationships with innovative leaders and companies, as well as fostering a positive organizational culture, will be invaluable as we continue to build client relationships.”

Rahshea's journey to Happy has been marked by a commitment to excellence and a passion for driving success. Her professional mission is to leverage her extensive experience and skills to make a positive impact on business outcomes and individual lives.

image of Rahshea Cardiff next to text that reads: "I am thrilled to join Happy and align with its mission to transform the workplace." Quote by Rahshea Cardiff.

“I am thrilled to join Happy and align with its mission to transform the workplace,” said Cardiff. “I look forward to bringing our innovative solutions to partners, enhancing their organizational cultures and engagement.”

In today’s competitive business environment, the ability to build effective teams and productive relationships is critical to organizational success. Rahshea’s role as Vice President of Partnerships will be instrumental in how Happy enhances organizational culture, communication, and manager effectiveness at scale—making people your competitive advantage.

Happy helps leaders create next-generation people environments and accelerate company performance by improving communication, collaboration, and productivity.

By building a user manual for your entire team in less than 10 minutes, Happy delivers AI-enhanced coaching and insights directly inside the tools you use every day, like Slack and Microsoft Teams. This seamless integration ensures that coaching and insights are accessible and actionable in the flow of work.

You can connect with Rahshea directly on LinkedIn, or for more information schedule a demo today!

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