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  • Published Feb 19, 2024

'Welcome To Happy' Video: Transform Your Team Today

Check out Happy's new video! See how we're changing team dynamics, empowering teams, and enhancing engagement and productivity.

Happy Companies
Happy Companies

Happy Companies

Three peopl standing together with confident and happy looks directly toward the camera. Text reads "Welcome to Happy, Supercharge your communication and teamwork"

Welcome to Happy!

Happy is excited to share our new video, 'Welcome to Happy'! It gives you a sneak peek into what Happy is all about and our mission to change the way teams work together.

In the new era of work, building a team that is connected and engaged can be tough. That’s where Happy comes in. The Happy platform helps your people work better, together. Driven by AI & behavioral science, Happy is changing how teams communicate, collaborate, and thrive.

In today's workplace, creating effective teams and nurturing a positive organizational culture have never been more crucial. Challenges in communication, management effectiveness, and cultural cohesion are common. This changing landscape highlights the need for innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate into our work lives, enhancing engagement and productivity.

The dynamic between employers and employees has undergone a significant transformation. This evolution is influenced by the evolving landscape of work locations and employee expectations.

In 2019, we found that 60% of employees who could be remote, chose on-site work. This has dramatically decreased to a mere 20% in 2023.

The complexity of managing the balance between in-office, remote, and hybrid work has become a significant leadership challenge.

In this new era, people are both our greatest asset and the key to high levels of organizational performance. Yet, the latest data reveals that more than 68% of employees are not engaged, feel detached from their managers, and have lower levels of satisfaction than they did four years ago.

In this competitive world of business, what do we do–when we know building effective teams and work relationships is critical to success?

We built Happy – our platform that delivers impactful coaching to drive productivity and improve organizational culture at scale.

The Happy platform delivers impactful coaching to drive productivity, and improve organizational culture at scale.

How It Works

The Happy platform helps your people work better, together – driven by AI & behavioral science.

Gif image of the Happy Assessment next to text that reads "Happy Assessment learns your people. Happy’s innovative science-powered assessment helps your people and leaders better understand each other–giving your team personalized insights and understanding"
  • Your people learn their Happy Workstyle. Helping them better understand themselves, and each other.
  • Happy crafts a personalized how-to guide for every person on the team–how to more effectively communicate, collaborate & resolve conflicts.
image of the Happy Profile next to text that reads "Happy Profiles build your work community. A how-to guide for every employee, manager and leader in your organization - like Cliff's Notes for your team. Get to know your coworkers with social media-like features, creating understanding & connection". "
  • Happy’s platform uses our proprietary technology to deliver the right coaching to the right person, just when they need it most.
image of the Happy Coach next to text that reads "Happy Coach provides always-on insights. Happy Coach offers confidential & personalized coaching powered by generative AI, reviewed and curated by experienced leadership coached. Coach uses smart algorithms to deliver insights automatically on people who most frequently interact at work."
  • Every person in your team also receives transformative, personalized coaching via Happy, email, Slack, Teams, & more.
image of the Happy integrations with a preview of the slack integration. Also shows logos for google calendar, gmail, and microsoft teams.  next to text that reads "Integrations connect your favorite apps. explore the limitless potential of integrating the tools you use everyday - like slack, google calendar, and microsoft teams. streamline your workflow, productivity, and stay connected to Coach. Releasing in Q1 '24"

The Happy Value

  • Your people receive transformative, personalized, coaching and insights in the natural flow of work–using the tools and apps they already use every day.
  • The platform is simple, beautiful, and easy to use.
  • Takes less than 10 minutes to implement per person.
  • Designed for a seamless and easy roll out.
  • Happy is a high-value, light-lift for HR, managers, and leaders–who are tasked to do more with less.
  • Meaningful ROI and results in less than 90 days

Investing in Your People is Always Worth It

Happy equips managers with the knowledge to lead with empathy and understanding, focusing on individual needs to ensure smooth teamwork. By facilitating better communication and collaboration, Happy not only resolves conflicts but also prevents them, setting the stage for a more engaged, productive workplace. Happy is the solution for companies aiming to thrive in the modern business world, offering a unique edge by making your making your team connected and more productive.

Diverse team of professionals standing or sitting next to each other in the workplace - looking at the camera smiling.

Happy is not just a tool; it's a movement towards a happier, more successful future in work. By unlocking the potential of your people and supercharging team performance, Happy invites you to embrace that future—one where your people become your competitive advantage.

Want to learn more? Book a free demo today.

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